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US Funds ONLY – Payment due at time of registration Online registration will accept credit card payment only Sorry - no checks will be accepted at any time. Full payment must be made at time of registration for the registration to be complete and accepted! All unpaid registrations will be dropped (deleted) after September 1.


* NO email, phone, mail or drop-off entries or payments accepted


regular FEES

Solo Dancing / Adult 

Music / Vocal / Team


per competitor per comp

Preliminary Championship


per competitor

Open Championship


per competitor

Event Fee


per family

Family Max

Does not include the event fee, second chance,

or any specials.


per family


  1. No personal checks will be accepted at any time.

  2. Up to September 6, ALL registration must be done through QUICKFEIS.

  3. No phone, email, or mailed entries will be accepted.

  4. No mailed payments will be accepted.

  5. Every family must pay the EVENT FEE no matter how many dancers are competing in the family.

  6. NEW REGISTRATIONS after September 6, provided the feis has not capped, can only be made AT THE FEIS and will incur the “day-of-feis” late fee in addition to all the regular fees. NO LIMIT ON FIRST FEIS, BEGINNER 1, ADULT AND NON-DANCE COMPETITIONS.

  7. Family Max – only applies to solo dance competitions, and is applied per family. Event fees and late fees are not applied to the calculation. After September 6, there is NO FAMILY MAX.

  8. Registration CHANGES can only be made:

    • Up to September 1: ONLINE with QUICKFEIS – return to your account and up to July 31 you can make your own changes for FREE​​

    • After September 1: AT THE FEIS and will incur the day-of-feis late fee (this does not include adding any new competitions which will be charged the regular fees).

  9. All individual results/comments (grades and champs) will be available for free directly after the competitions. Grades can get their results at the awards area, champs will get theirs directly after awards are announced. All results will also be available for free online on your QuickFeis account.

LATE FEES (after 9/6/2022)

After 09/01/2022, late fees will be applied IN ADDITION TO THE REGULAR FEES ABOVE.

In person
at the feis



per competitor

NEW Registration Fee


per competitor

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